Noise Inquiry

Our first inquiry on noise is now underway and will focus on the likely new flightpaths, and the noise impact on residents.

Heathrow Airport have stated that as many as 30 per cent fewer people would be affected by air traffic noise with a third runway in 2030 than are currently affected by air traffic noise from the two existing runways.

However, a recent report by the CAA/ERCD shows that Heathrow’s proposal will expose more than 1.1 million people (when placed upon 2012 population data, which will grow) to noise in excess of 55dB Lden, when fully utilised, compared to 725,000 people today.

The group will examine the claims and assess the real impact of a possible expansion of Heathrow on residents.

The deadline for submitting evidence to this inquiry is August 11th.

You can download an evidence submission form HERE and send it to us by email to or by post to:

Zac Goldsmith MP, Room 401, Norman Shaw South, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

Alternatively you can fill out the form via our website: